The people making these decisions about care, and the cost of care, have no idea how disability and mental illness affects a person's day-to-day life.

– Katie

Good care transforms disabled people’s lives.

Social care is being chronically underfunded. By April 2018, the government will have taken £6 billion out of social care since 2010.

These funding cuts mean many disabled people receive rushed 15 minute personal care visits. Being forced to choose between eating and showering is unacceptable.

We want a stop to these undignified visits and an increase in social care funding now.

How many people in your area are receiving 15 minute personal care visits?

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There are at least people who received rushed 15 minute personal care visits in your area last year. This is too many.

Sorry, we don't have data for Northern Ireland. However, we do know that in the rest of the UK thousands of people received rushed 15 minute personal care visits last year - and it's likely to be an issue in Northern Ireland too.

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The data on this site comes from freedom of information requests Leonard Cheshire sent to 152 local authorities in England, 22 in Wales and 32 in Scotland in September 2017.